The best way to manage your customers

Set up your Direct Selling shop and allow your customers to order directly from you.

Start completely free whilst we are in BETA.


Add your products, Invite your customers.

It's as simple as that, once your customers are onboard they can order straight from you.

Manage Customers

Everything you need to advertise your products.

Your customers can view your products, order them, and you can get product breakdowns and notifications of new orders.

All online

Your customers can login and order any time of day or night

Secure Orders

All payments are handled by you in your normal manner - so no card details needed for your customers.

Simple Reorders

A customer can view a previous order and re-order just clicking a button.

Order Management

Receive an email when an order is placed, Update an order status to let your customer know it's complete

Powerful Reporting

See what products are required for your next delivery or what products are most popular

Database Backups

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Judith Black

CEO at PureInsights

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